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kittens are here.
1silver torbie female- under evaluation 
2 seal lynx point males
1 brown female
1 silver male 
1silver or cool brown male


Meet Casper. Casper is a silver seal lynx point. The seal lynx point are born all white. Their patterns begin to show around 3 weeks old. He will have a beautiful pattern as he continues to darken. Casper will be ready the weekend of April 20th Reserved to Olivia D


Meet Bear. Bear is a cool brown or a silver. It is hard to tell right now. He look exactly like is father Whiskey did as a kitten. For the longest time we thought Whiskey was a brown. By the time Whiskey was 8 weeks old we knew he was silver. Either way this little teddy bear is so cute! His name fits him perfectly. Bear will be ready the weekend of April 20th. Reserved to Kelly N


Meet Zara. Zara is a beautiful silver torbie female. She has a great mixture of the silver and red colors. She may carry abp, seal lynx point and blue. Zara is under evaluation for a breeder. She will produce the red bengals too.


Meet Jewel. Jewel is a brown female. She has a super soft coat and beautiful pattern. Just look at that sweet face. She is a total heartbreaker. Jewel will be ready some time between April 20th and the 28th
Reserved to Sarah C


Meet Cyrus. Cyrus is a silver male. He has a perfect flow to his rosettes. He has nice black contrast against the beautiful silver color. Cyrus will be ready the weekend of April 20th


Meet Simba. Simba is a seal lynx point. This little man has a mighty roar! Hahaha Simba like Casper was born all white and as he ages his color and pattern will be awesome. He will keep his beautiful blue eyes. Simba will be ready the weekend of April 20th 

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